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Santiago Howard

Bud Light Light Beer, Next - 6 pack, 12 fl oz slim cans

Bud Light Light Beer, Next - 6 pack, 12 fl oz slim cans

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Bud Light NEXT is Anheuser-Busch's first ever zero carb light beer with incredible drinkability from an American beer brand that everybody knows and loves. This no carb premium beer is brewed using the same combination of malted barley, rice, and a blend of aroma hop varieties that is featured in a typical Bud Light beer. Offering a light body with a super crisp taste, this sessionable, light lager allows you to enjoy the great taste of Bud Light without feeling weighed down. Made with zero carbs and 80 calories, Bud Light NEXT is unlike any other low calorie, low carb beer and offers the sessionability and stats of a hard seltzer. Grab this case of beer cans when you're in charge of providing party drinks, in need of something lighter or simply want to keep a pack in your fridge so you're ready when Bud Light calls your name. Bud Light NEXT helps to keep the good times flowing so you can be ready for what's next. Always Enjoy Responsibly.

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