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Santiago Howard

Big Cooker Reverso

Big Cooker Reverso

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Soft colors. a unique and modern style combining lots of pretty featuresu2026 Children will love this kitchen! Perfectly equipped and double-sided. it offers many possibilities for playing. alone or with others The double-sided kitchen Cooker Reverso is equipped with a functional clock. a metal sink and a sound and light induction hob ust press the red buttons once to make the hotplates light up. then a second time to hear the sound of the water boiling. The sound and light automatically turn off after 30 seconds or when you press a third time Like a real kitchen. it is equipped on one side with 2 rotary buttons with sound effects. an oven. a microwave. a cupboard with magnetic doors. and on the other side there are 2 buttons with sound effects. a washing machine and storage shelves.

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