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Santiago Howard

Better Brella Reverse Open Upside Down Umbrella, Blue

Better Brella Reverse Open Upside Down Umbrella, Blue

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Don't let the weather literally rain on your parade. Protect yourself from mother nature with the BetterBrella Wind-Proof Reverse Open/Close Umbrella. This innovative design is the only umbrella that utilizes reverse-open technology so you can get in and out of any door without getting wet. Unlike traditional umbrellas, this gadget closes on the revers side to create a water-proof cone that locks in all the moisture for later disposal. This unique closing mechanism is super convenient when entering cars, moving indoors, and more so you can get from 1 place to the other without getting wet. Measuring 32 inches long from tip to handle and 41.5 inches wide, this giant umbrella offers maximum overhead protection from harsh UV rays, wicked rainstorms, and more. Constructed with a double layered canopy, plus extra-strong ribbings, this umbrella is built to last. The wind will never again ruin your umbrella. Easy to use, the snag-free open button collapses the canopy with a simple touch. The soft, gentle non-slip textured handle is comfortable to hold and control. Upgrade your rain gear to the BetterBrella Innovative Reverse Open Umbrella.

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